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There is a round robin pickleball tournament in Libertyville this Sunday (June 12th). Sounds like fun. Let me know if there is any interest.




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I met Jennifer that runs the Northern Illinois Pickleball site at the Huntley tournament. Take a look at some of the events that are coming soon.

There is a doubles scramble in Libertyville on June 12th and a round robin tournament at the end of July in Rockford.


We showed up at the Huntley tournament with trepidation after our St. George experience but it turns out we were in the hunt!

The first thing we noticed were their nice new nets and fresh taped white court lines. The red curtains, however, were a problem on some of the courts because there was not enough room to back up for shots. Several times people crashed into the red curtain chasing a ball – including yours truly.

We won our first match – best 2 out of 3 to 11. Then we played the eventual winners and lost to them. But since it was double elimination we played in the loser’s bracket and won that match. We were now in the “Gold Medal” match with lines judges and scorekeeper – wow – very official. We played the same team we lost to and unfortunately lost again. So we got the Silver Medal! YEAH.

Plus I bought a shiny new paddle and made some new pickleball friends.

Well folks, your’s truly and hubby were taken to the woodshed (Roy’s term) at our first ever pickleball tournament this past weekend. We were definitely in the wrong division (my bad) at 4.0, we should have entered 3.5.

We knew we were in trouble when we saw the height of the net and the bounce of the “yellow” ball. The net was 2-3″ higher than at Healthbridge and the ball was heavier. We lost the first match 11-1, 11-2 (to the players in the video in white & orange) and went to the loser’s bracket and lost 15-4. Our glaring weakness was we lacked a shot to put the rally back to “neutral”. Our opponents were able to hit into the kitchen, neutralizing the play and the rally would continue. If we hit an offensive shot they could – again – neutralize us by hitting into the kitchen and wait until we made a mistake to take the offensive against us. Because we couldn’t neutralize the rally, they would win the rally.

Afterward, when a lot of the matches were over, a very nice couple played with us for 6 games and we started to get the hang of it. We had a lot of fun playing on real pickleball courts with only one set of “lines” on the courts, instead of the 4 different colored ones we have at our home court. The people were so nice to us, told us all about St. George and why they chose to retire there.

Volley Drill

Posted on: May 10, 2011

We had a great group this past Saturday and played from 11:00 am to almost 2:45 pm. My legs were giving out with so much non-stop pickleball.

Stan made a return appearance after several weeks of family duty. Missing in action were Nanci, Margaret, Ann – where rrrrrrrrr yoooou???

Roy and I will miss this Saturday – we’ll be in sunny Las Vegas/St. George.

Don’t forget to enter the Huntley tournament!

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